Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Quick sertraline update

I've been feeling a ittle more anxious lately, noting too drastic, just a tad uncomfortable at times so after a chat with my doctor we decided to up my sertraline from 50mg to 100mg. Me being the big wimp that I am was a bit... shall we say scared to do such a huge jump from 50 to 100 (I know, I should have just got on with it) so I went up to 75mg the other day. Still no side effects apart from feeling very tired but I know that will pass. After Saturday I have no more 50mg pills left, only 100mg so as of Sunday I'll be on 100mg which hopefully will take the last remaining anxiety/panic away (fingers crossed!). In terms of agoraphobia though that is pretty much no longer a part of my life at the moment. Being away from home doesn't frighten me any more; the thought of travelling long distances away from home doesn't make me ill; getting on public transport is fine - I'm not saying i'm completely anxiety/panic free when doing these things but I'm not fearing them any more. I don't over analyse the situation I'm going to be putting myself into. I accept that I might panic but I also accept that it's just panic - It won't hurt me and it will pass.

I'm going into Glasgow city centre at the weekend, on my own, to go shopping and I'm actually excited about it! This is something I've never done on my own ever and if I manage it I know I will be absolutely delirious! I still can't quite get over how much I've changed in the last 6/7 months. It really has been amazing and I couldn't be happier right now

take care

L x

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